Larisa Chaban

Mikhail and I got to know each other in a rather unusual way. After watching one of the episodes of the program “Apartment Question” on NTV-channel, where Mikhail was remodeling a small kitchen, we went to the program’s website and found Mikhail’s email address. We wrote to him, and he replied… The first object was the most difficult, because we were not yet familiar enough and set Mikhail a difficult task: to make a full-fledged three-piece from a two-piece = 79 sq.m., with the optimization of the entire space. The result exceeded all expectations! Mikhail developed and accompanied the project from A to Z, revealing the qualities of not only the designer-architect, but also, in fact, the “foreman” for construction! The high professionalism of both Mikhail himself and the team he has assembled is amazing! The ability to instantly tune in to the “wave” of the customer and move on this wave to the final!
The second project was even better than the first! We did not doubt for a second the choice of the team of designers-architects! Everything went in one breath! Huge respect and respect to Mikhail and his team! I advise everyone!!!

Tamara Volodina

For a long time we selected the authors of the project for apartment renovation, watched TV, websites, reviews and decided to contact Mikhail Novinskiy. They were not mistaken. Mikhail exactly reproduced our ideas and made a great project. Our standard three-piece in a panel house has completely transformed, turned into a stylish, and comfortable living space. Materials, textures, colors, furniture, plumber – everything was selected by the author to the smallest detail, and all repairs were carried out under his control. The combination of materials and colors – Barn board, plaster for concrete, dark wood floors, wallpaper, tiles (silver-gray, lilac, white, brown) – everything harmonizes and creates a very beautiful space. A special design object was the light in the apartment. Built-in luminous stripes in the ceiling, a luminous apron for the kitchen and a wash area in the bathroom with a built-in light – everything is made according to the author’s project and causes enthusiastic reviews from everyone who has seen this project. I would like to thank Mikhail from the bottom of my heart once again for his excellent work!

Alexandr & Anastasia Krylov

They were very sensitive to the choice of the author of the apartment design, wanted to do something “their own” to the smallest detail. In the course of working with Mikhail Novinskiy, we realized that we were in safe hands, having met with a full understanding of the finest details, which resulted in a project that includes all our fantasies. During the renovation, bringing the studio’s ideas to life, we experienced a sense of participation in the creation of an art object. At the same time, despite all its beauty, the result turned out to be the most thoughtful, inspiring and convenient for daily use.
When implementing another commercial project, there was no question about the author of the design at all. During the work, there was a feeling comparable to the thrill of waiting for a New Year’s gift by a child. At the same time, Santa Claus, represented by Design studio, never failed with deadlines and arranged a real holiday.

Timur & Xenia Yunisov

We would like to thank MNdesign for their work. Mikhail and Olga, with your help, we have made and implemented the design project of our dreams! ))
The arrangement of living space is not an easy task. Properly planned zoning, lighting, color, material — all this seems like a nightmare for an unprepared person.
We decided to turn to Mikhail and his team. Even at the stage of preliminary preparation, we liked everything. The most important thing, in my opinion, is the understanding and trust that develops between the customer and the designer. At the first meeting, positive impressions remained. They listened to us carefully, offered some options taking into account our budget, which is quite important! We learned how we see our future interior, its details.
Then a lot of work was done — discussions, approvals, changes. I hope we are not the most hellish customers ;))) In general, we liked the visualization result, but it was even a little scary, but will we succeed so cool?
Well, then there was a long repair, taking into account all the subtleties in the drawings and compliance with almost all the recommendations of the designer. We decided to do everything on our own, without author’s supervision, looking ahead I will say that Mikhail and Olga liked the result ;)))
Well, we are also very happy with the result! Or rather, it’s just WOW!
Mikhail is a wonderful specialist! I will say more – a man loves his job!
I will be happy to recommend the MNdesign team. Thanks!

Vadim & Ekaterina
Symbol-M company

We have already bought an apartment with a beautiful panoramic view of the river and were looking for those people who will help us realize our ideas about the ideal housing. Naturally, a lot of magazines, websites and TV shows were reviewed, but most often there were impressions: “Beautiful, but inconvenient” or “Beautiful, convenient, but “not ours”..
But suddenly, in one of the popular repair programs, we saw a project that everyone liked: the architecture of the space, color and stylistic solutions, ergonomics – and the very next day we contacted its author, Mikhail Novinskiy.
We would like to express our great gratitude and appreciation to MNdesign Studio, Mikhail Novinskiy, Olga Klevakina, for not just understanding, but feeling what we need. And we were able to combine our disparate ideas into a great project. They managed to build a space out of a “box” in which the wishes of all its inhabitants are taken into account, and which we can call “our home” with special trepidation. I would like to note the execution of the project separately: this is not just a “set of pictures”, it is an album with drawings for each type of work – from floor and ceiling levels to plumbing and electrical diagrams. Drawings of individual structures and complex assemblies are also provided. The guys did everything possible to make all the ideas come true, and not just live on paper and in dreams.

Pavel Tsarvoulanov
Chief of Television Agency Russian Report

Some time ago I was lucky enough to work with Mikhail Novinsky (MNdesign Studio) when designing a small city apartment on the Karamyshevskaya embankment. Mikhail developed the project, carried out constant monitoring of its implementation and recommended certain finishing materials. The apartment was a success, even received some awards (details can be found directly from Mikhail). But the most important thing for me was something else. First of all, there has NEVER been any friction between us during our work. Which indicates an exceptional understanding of my desires and the desire to realize them. At the same time, Mikhail did not follow my lead in any way and delicately explained to me the absurdity of some of my ideas, for which I am very grateful to him. As a result, the apartment did not just turn out the way I wanted, but in many ways it was better. And, of course, the memories of work remained the warmest.