Apartment on Bronnaya
Anastasia Konnova, Mikhail Novinskiy, Mark Grishin, 2017 year. Photo Sergey Krasyuk
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Apartment on Bronnaya
  • Moscow 97 m2 2017
  • Design: Anastasia Konnova, Mikhail Novinskiy, Mark Grishin
  • Photo: Sergey Krasyuk

The apartment on Malaya Bronnaya ( ​​97 sq.m.) in the house of 1927 is one of the most unusual projects.

The peculiarity of the apartment is his owner – a Frenchman in love with Russia, and, moreover, with constructivism architecture and Soviet aesthetics in general. He has been working in Moscow for many years and considers  Moscow a very cozy city, especially Zamoskvorechye, an old central district of Moscow.  He likes Soviet art so much that he has begun to collect Soviet antique posters of the 20s-50s, some of which served to decorate the apartment.

The owner had also decided to write a book on the constructivist architecture of Moscow in English. To this end, he visited over 100 architectural monuments in Moscow, covering his tours in social networks, which surprised and unexpectedly delighted his friends from many countries.

At first there were concerns – how are we going to work on the project? However, the language barrier did not prevent us from finding common ground – the owner turned out to be a very pleasant, open-minded person with good taste, and we quickly agreed on style decisions.

The first thing that impressed us on entering the apartment was the stunningly bright space. The apartment has 8 windows, some of which overlook the church where Alexander Pushkin got married. That prompted us to make windows the focus the project. We have also preserved and restored the original brickwork, introducing it as a decorative accent of the interior.

Red was the customer’s choice, as the red color, on the one hand, is beloved in France, on the other – it is associated with Russia. The interior in the style of the 70s-80s is capable of being easily transformed to meet different tasks. Bright and witty accents, such as lithographs of Gosha Ostretsov, are the property of the owner.

The apartment is imbued with the spirit of an old house in the center of Moscow. The project combines Soviet and European design. The combination of modern and antique pieces of furniture helped to create a cozy atmosphere of a Moscow apartment in the city center, which the customer was so eager to create.

Photographer: Sergey Krasyuk

Stylist: Daria Soboleva