Brutal Loft in a Panel High-rise
Mikhail Novinskiy, Mark Grishin, 2012 year. Photo Sergey Krasyuk
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Brutal Loft in a Panel High-rise
  • Moscow 76 м2 2012
  • Design: Mikhail Novinskiy, Mark Grishin
  • Photo: Sergey Krasyuk

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Brutal Loft in a Panel High-rise
  • Moscow 76 м2 2012
  • Отзыв оставлен: Tamara Volodina
  • Должность:
For a long time we selected the authors of the project for apartment renovation, watched TV, websites, reviews and decided to contact Mikhail Novinskiy. They were not mistaken. Mikhail exactly reproduced our ideas and made a great project. Our standard three-piece in a panel house has completely transformed, turned into a stylish, and comfortable living space. Materials, textures, colors, furniture, plumber - everything was selected by the author to the smallest detail, and all repairs were carried out under his control. The combination of materials and colors - Barn board, plaster for concrete, dark wood floors, wallpaper, tiles (silver-gray, lilac, white, brown) - everything harmonizes and creates a very beautiful space. A special design object was the light in the apartment. Built-in luminous stripes in the ceiling, a luminous apron for the kitchen and a wash area in the bathroom with a built-in light - everything is made according to the author's project and causes enthusiastic reviews from everyone who has seen this project. I would like to thank Mikhail from the bottom of my heart once again for his excellent work!
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