Mikhail Novinskiy, Asia Balueva, Mark Grishin, Sabina Kuznetsova, 2018 year.
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  • Moscow 134 m2 2018
  • Design: Mikhail Novinskiy, Asia Balueva, Mark Grishin, Sabina Kuznetsova

The task of developing the interior of an apartment in the Barrin Haus residential complex was originally unusual. The customer, a person who knows art and architecture, was a lover of Bauhaus aesthetics, Constructivism and Suprematism, and wanted to reflect his passion in the new apartment. However, he was not sure whether it is possible to implement this style in a modern residential interior, to make sure that on the one hand the interior meets modern trends, was suitable for normal life, on the other – in varying degrees, meet the aesthetic principles of that era.
It was a challenge for us. We have kept the reference point to modern stylistics-minimalism, contemporary, but have tried to carefully integrate elements and techniques borrowed from architecture and art almost a century ago, rethinking their relatively modern views on the interior and decorative trends. Thus, the walls were designed with large contrasting local volumes, large-scale panels appeared on the walls, the hallway is decorated with a suprematist furniture composition, and the bathrooms are solved with the help of a complex tile layout based on intersecting bands. Above the bed in the nursery the sun rises, in the bedroom a more relaxed geometry allocates bedside tables, and the general principles for the whole apartment in the organization of lighting support the general idea.
The result, in our opinion, is a modern living space, leading a dialogue with the bright artistic phenomena of the first half of the XX century.