Townhouse Village Sales Office
Mikhail Novinskiy, Irina Golovina, Ekaterina Usynina, 2013 year. Photo Viktor Chernyshov
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Townhouse Village Sales Office
  • Moscow region 360 m2 2013
  • Design: Mikhail Novinskiy, Irina Golovina, Ekaterina Usynina
  • Photo: Viktor Chernyshov

In definition of the design concept, we have focused on specific architectural features of the village – the purity and conciseness of the architectural solutions, combination of directs and diagonals, separation secondary volumes from the main, greyish color schemes on a white background combined with the green environment and etc. In addition, we wanted to create a non-conflicting combination of a very modernic interior design with high-tech and paramitric elements with such ideas as ecology, freshness, lightness. So architectural and interior design solutions must bring to the future visitors of a certain ideology, from the enter immerse them to a stylish and attractive ambience of the White Town.
For this interior we have created an individual system of formation principles. Powerful diagonal of the 2nd floor balcony enters into a dialogue with the response diagonals, first in the planning of the walls, then in the smaller elements – the shape of the ceiling, veneer wall panels and so on. In this way all the interior must to perceived as a symphony of a logically organized movement. Forms used in the interior are often very dynamic, but not aggressive. On the one hand they are obviously man-made, the other may evoke an association of natural elements like a stone, stream of water or wind.
The interior is based on a graphic play of color and textures. White and light grey colors are used as a neutral background, symbolizing purity and lightness. Inside it there are integrated parts of natural (or natural-associated) materials like warm light shade wood, a grey rocky texture of ceramic tile and decorative plasters. Two shades of green are completing the color composition – lemon‐green and cold emerald‐green. With one hand they logically continue the color concept from the logo of the village, on the other – enliven and enrich the color gamut, letting to start the game between interior green color and surrounding landscape, penetrating into the interior through a large stained glass. Green color causes most of people have a positive emotions, it is associated with friendliness, closeness to nature, which, coupled architectural elements and natural textures, must to convey to the visitor those values, that living in the White Town can provide to him.