Anastasia Konnova, Mikhail Novinskiy, Mark Grishin, Valeria Avilova, 2022 year. Photo Sergey Krasyuk
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  • Moscow 107 m2 2022
  • Design: Anastasia Konnova, Mikhail Novinskiy, Mark Grishin, Valeria Avilova
  • Photo: Sergey Krasyuk

The interior of the apartment, at the request of customers, had to be spectacular, not banal, modern, but without characteristic references to the time of creation … an interior that will be relevant in some years. The proprietress of the apartment felt the color and texture very subtly, and рук husband wanted to solve the volume of the apartment as functionally as possible. Our task was to create cozy, spacious and bright rooms of the common area of the apartment for free accommodation of all family members and guests, as well as to design separate areas of the bedroom, nursery and study closed from the eyes of guests.
The large kitchen has become the visual center of the living room. The entire surface of the facades made of natural walnut and enamel envelops the island with soft textures and colors. In terms of functionality, the spacious kitchen has a large work area, a lot of storage and an island, which is additionally accentuated by an interesting brass shelf for bar glass. The structure is suspended from the ceiling, through it we passed the Centrsvet lamp designed by Dima Loginov for the chamber illumination of the bar area. A large dining area for 6 people and a spacious sitting area and watching movies are located in the living room. The leitmotif of its design is interesting furniture and wooden panels in the decoration of the walls.
The master bedroom is made in an oriental style. Coloristically, it is close to the general space, but complex colors and textures are introduced into the interior – the green color of textiles, the texture of velvet, red lacquer on the bed. The girl’s nursery turned out to be light and gentle, the hostess’s bathroom is brighter, and the men’s bathroom is more restrained, as well as a strict office with ethnic elements. The master’s collection of paintings by Ilya Gimranov and Tatiana Abramova perfectly fit into the new space.