House for the Fox
Mikhail Noviskiy, Olga Pogorelova, 2015 year. Photo Viktor Chernyshov
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House for the Fox
  • Reutov, Moscow region 86 2015
  • Design: Mikhail Noviskiy, Olga Pogorelova
  • Photo: Viktor Chernyshov

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House for the Fox
  • Reutov, Moscow region 86 2015
  • Отзыв оставлен: Timur & Xenia Yunisov
  • Должность:
We would like to thank MNdesign for their work. Mikhail and Olga, with your help, we have made and implemented the design project of our dreams! )) The arrangement of living space is not an easy task. Properly planned zoning, lighting, color, material — all this seems like a nightmare for an unprepared person. We decided to turn to Mikhail and his team. Even at the stage of preliminary preparation, we liked everything. The most important thing, in my opinion, is the understanding and trust that develops between the customer and the designer. At the first meeting, positive impressions remained. They listened to us carefully, offered some options taking into account our budget, which is quite important! We learned how we see our future interior, its details. Then a lot of work was done — discussions, approvals, changes. I hope we are not the most hellish customers ;))) In general, we liked the visualization result, but it was even a little scary, but will we succeed so cool? Well, then there was a long repair, taking into account all the subtleties in the drawings and compliance with almost all the recommendations of the designer. We decided to do everything on our own, without author's supervision, looking ahead I will say that Mikhail and Olga liked the result ;))) Well, we are also very happy with the result! Or rather, it's just WOW! Mikhail is a wonderful specialist! I will say more - a man loves his job! I will be happy to recommend the MNdesign team. Thanks!
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