Expressive minimalism
Mikhail Novinskiy, Irina Golovina-Sheremeteva, Mark Grishin, Olga Pogorelova, 2017 year. Photo Sergey Krasyuk
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Expressive minimalism
  • Moscow 122 m2 2017
  • Design: Mikhail Novinskiy, Irina Golovina-Sheremeteva, Mark Grishin, Olga Pogorelova
  • Photo: Sergey Krasyuk

Expressive Minimalism – such the way we can to describe the style of our project on Kastanaevskaya street, Moscow, realized in collaboration with designer Irina Golovina-Sheremeteva. The apartment is quite minimalistic, while filled with expressive elements and interesting “chips”.

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Expressive minimalism
  • Moscow 122 m2 2017
  • Отзыв оставлен: Larisa Chaban
  • Должность:
Mikhail and I got to know each other in a rather unusual way. After watching one of the episodes of the program "Apartment Question" on NTV-channel, where Mikhail was remodeling a small kitchen, we went to the program's website and found Mikhail's email address. We wrote to him, and he replied... The first object was the most difficult, because we were not yet familiar enough and set Mikhail a difficult task: to make a full-fledged three-piece from a two-piece = 79 sq.m., with the optimization of the entire space. The result exceeded all expectations! Mikhail developed and accompanied the project from A to Z, revealing the qualities of not only the designer-architect, but also, in fact, the "foreman" for construction! The high professionalism of both Mikhail himself and the team he has assembled is amazing! The ability to instantly tune in to the "wave" of the customer and move on this wave to the final! The second project was even better than the first! We did not doubt for a second the choice of the team of designers-architects! Everything went in one breath! Huge respect and respect to Mikhail and his team! I advise everyone!!!
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