Kitchen with maneuver space
Mikhail Novinskiy, Mark Grishin, 2022 year. Photo Viktor Chernyshov
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Kitchen with maneuver space
  • Москва 2022
  • Design: Mikhail Novinskiy, Mark Grishin
  • Photo: Viktor Chernyshov

It was necessary to create a comfortable space for a hero with disabilities in the project for the TV show Apartment Question. We have made numerous improvements and worked out in detail the ergonomics of the space so that it would be comfortable for a person moving in a wheelchair.

Aesthetically, the project is based on the theme of circles and arches, a depleted palette of materials, the unified logical principles of which turn a group of small rooms into a whole object subordinate to a single plan. The walls and ceiling are made in decorative plaster of a warm grayish color. They are complemented by a pleasant light shade of wooden elements and a gray terrazzo coating on the floor and countertop. The project is complemented by black details, glass and mirrors that expand the space, as well as hidden lights and spectacular local elements – expressive furniture items, lamps, accessories, decor.

A chip of the project became a moving table that allows you to free up the kitchen space when you do not need to accommodate a lot of guests in it.