Kitchen-Apartment for Gadgetman
Mikhail Novinskiy, 2014 year. Photo Nikolay Karachev
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Kitchen-Apartment for Gadgetman
  • Moscow 2014
  • Design: Mikhail Novinskiy
  • Photo: Nikolay Karachev

The basis of the design of this kitchen-living room for the TV show Housing problem – powerful and rich natural textures that can be used on any surface. Thus, the room is completed by the planes freely “traveling” from the floor to the wall, from the wall to the ceiling etc.
At 23 square metres (including a 7 meter balcony) we placed a kitchen with a dining area, living room zone and chill-out with a large couch to relax. So, the functionality of this room was comparable to a full-fledged studio apartment.
The rick of the project – coffee table with touch-screen surface, which can be used as a tablet computer with OS Windows and connecting to the TV and control the smart house system.