Park Rublevo
Mikhail Novinskiy, Dmitriy Mitin, Julia Zhubrina, Mark Grishin, Sabina Kuznetsova, 2021 year. Photo Vasiliy Bulanov
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Park Rublevo
  • Moscow region 125 м2 2021
  • Design: Mikhail Novinskiy, Dmitriy Mitin, Julia Zhubrina, Mark Grishin, Sabina Kuznetsova
  • Photo: Vasiliy Bulanov

The customers – a young married couple – set us the task of creating an easy and unobtrusive modern interior without pretentiousness and pathos, but at the same time expressive and not boring. We also wanted to reveal the specific advantages of the object, in particular to emphasize the impressive views of the floodplain of the Moscow River, opening from panoramic windows.
The result is an interior that can be described as Сontemporary with elements of Scandinavian style. Rigor, conciseness, work on a combination of textures and local planes, an architectural approach to design – all these are signs of Contemporary style. And a light and airy color scheme with bright accents of furniture and decor is inherent in Scandinavian design.
In the center of the living room there is an unusual study, which can also serve as a guest room. Most of its walls are glass partitions. A ventilation and air conditioning system is installed inside the room. Another chip is a private terrace with a view of the Moscow River.
During the planning and practical implementation of the apartment, a “reserve” was made for the future – if necessary, it will be possible to carry out reconstruction by increasing the number of rooms for another nursery.

Styling Anastasia Konnova