Mikhail Novinskiy, Olga Pogorelova, Mark Grishin, Alyona Yashnova, Elisaveta Podust, 2021 year. Photo Mikhail Stepanov
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  • Moscow 107 m2 2021
  • Design: Mikhail Novinskiy, Olga Pogorelova, Mark Grishin, Alyona Yashnova, Elisaveta Podust
  • Photo: Mikhail Stepanov

The main advantage of the 107-meter apartment in the residential complex Sky, the project of which was developed by us for a young couple – stunning views of the southwest of Moscow, opening through almost panoramic glazing. It is on them that we have focused. And the key element of the architectural design – the rounded lining of massive pylons with illumination between the windows – began to further emphasize this advantage, as well as give the interior softness and streamlining.

The task that the customers formulated was not simple. The interior had to be both laconic and richly decorative. Simple and complex at the same time. The customers creatively approached the issue, provided a lot of references, which often contradicted each other. Perhaps that is why the customers did not like the first version of the project, which does not happen to us often. But after a thorough analysis and “work on errors”, with the second version we got “to the point”.

In addition to expressive pylons and views of the city, the interior is distinguished by a complex range of diverse and rich tones, restrained and noble furniture design, spectacular use of mirrors. Light veneer, neutral colors serve as a “substrate” for bright sofas, chairs, pillows, and other elements.

The interior uses complex furniture compositions intersecting with architectural volumes and complemented by graphic moves. For example, in the bedroom, a protruding pylon on one side and a horizontal hanging pedestal “floating” on the mirror and a lamp on the other form a geometric composition around the bed, the center of which is the headboard, finished with soft panels. And a complex intersecting furniture system in the master bathroom interacts with randomly cut and placed at a 45-degree angle ceramic granite, and together with the mirror also forms a structured composition.

Styling Anastasia Konnova