Comtemporary Saklya
Mikhail Novinskiy, Mark Grishin, 2022 year. Photo Viktor Chernyshov
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Comtemporary Saklya
  • Moscow region 2022
  • Design: Mikhail Novinskiy, Mark Grishin
  • Photo: Viktor Chernyshov

The aesthetic concept of the project for the NTV-channel TV program is based on the modern interior trend Japandi or scandinese combining elements of Japanese minimalism with Nordic asceticism, while devoid of the obsession of purely Scandinavian or purely Japanese (Asian) style.
The project has a deliberately depleted palette of materials. At the same time, the materials themselves appear in a non-standard format. For example, the milling of kitchen facades forms spectacular graphics, and the coating of the ceiling and walls passes into each other along the radius interface, saving us from rough joints and corners, making the space viscous and solid.
We wanted to make the shapes of the furniture simple, but at the same time expressive in their volumes. The kitchen island and the console under the TV are suspended, with hidden lights which gives the project lightness and grace. We wanted to make the fireplace as open as possible, as if it was a hearth in a stone cave or a dwelling of the 1st millennium AD. In the project, it is the heart of the house and together with the meditative, contemplative interior brings us back to the archaic times when we lived outside the pressure of the rigid rhythm of modern megacities…