Mikhail Novinskiy, Asya Balueva, Mark Grishin, Sabina Kuznetsova, 2021 year. Photo Sergey Krasyuk
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  • Moscow 75 m2 2021
  • Design: Mikhail Novinskiy, Asya Balueva, Mark Grishin, Sabina Kuznetsova
  • Photo: Sergey Krasyuk

A small 75-meter apartment is interesting because it is located in a rare monument of residential modernism of the 60-70s XX century – houses of the Swan series. The hostess did not want to leave the old apartment for anything, but she wanted to make an interesting interior. Expressive architecture is reflected in the design of the apartment. The general style can be described as intelligent minimalism with allusions to the interiors of the 70s-80s of the last century. The overall picture is emphasized by the collection of Baltic decorative glass of the same period – the property of the hostess, organically fitting into the overall style, as well as vintage sculpture and photography.